How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

By Luna Meschiari

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Just a couple weeks ago, we talked about at home exercises. But why would we be talking about exercising if we are not motivated to do so? Last week we also tackled suggestions on creating habits. So now that we have the tools, let's talk about motivation.

Winter is coming, kids are back to school, we have more work to do, it starts to get cold. And with that comes demotivation, and not just for exercising. Lack of time and "leaving for tomorrow" slowly make our body and mind forget the exercise and climbing a few stairs feels like a great effort. Losing sight of our goals will make us lose the motivation we need to workout.

When we are demotivated, we feel a sense of apathy and sadness that prevents us from continuing with normal daily routines. And suddenly, what was a hobby or something fun, begins to feel like an obligation. Incurring in a drop in motivation and performance. At this time, we must work on mind training.


What is mind training and why do we need it?


We not only need to train the body, but also the mind to bring harmony between the two. When the body fails, the mind helps us keep going.

We must visualize the goals that we want to achieve.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want to feel in the future?
  • How do you want to see yourself physically in a few months?
  • How many more KM will you get to run?

It all starts in your mind. That little thought will help you get motivated again.

You have to push away negative thoughts and you just have to START. The first days will be hard, but soon the demotivation will become motivation.


Tips and Tricks

Next, we are going to give you some small tips that you can apply to your day to day to lose that motivation towards physical exercise.

Change your routines. Try getting up a little earlier and going for a walk. If you have pets, you have no excuses!

Forget all or nothing. Don't push yourself too hard at the beginning, just don't! Start with a nice walk and try to run a little more at the end. Some gentle exercise routine. A Yoga class, dance class, whatever you like the most!

Step by Step. Set small goals for yourself each week. Plan how to find free time throughout the week to carry out your favorite sport.

Keep going. Don't be discouraged if one day you're tired or don't have the time. Tomorrow do a little more et voilà!

Play music. If you listen to music while exercising, you will most likely forget about tracking and will end up doing more than expected!


Remember that exercise is a very important part of our lives. Execrising helps us feel good, healthy and active. For this reason you should not be discouraged. You will always find a place to practice your favorite sport. If you follow routines and good habits you will achieve all your goals.


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