How to stay motivated to work out when the winter comes

By Buda Juice

How to stay motivated to work out when the winter comes

Winter can be a tough time. It can be so easy to stay in that warm, cozy bed when it’s cold outside. Finding motivation isn’t easy, especially in the winter, but getting motivated and putting in the work are great achievements we all can work towards.


Motivation is something we can’t live without. It’s something that drives every single one of us. It’s a process that causes us to act and start working towards setting and achieving our goals. Whatever they may be, regardless of how hard they are, motivation guides us through all of it. There are a lot of different ways and reasons to get motivated. Motivation is extremely important at the start of a given task, but it’s also necessary to stay motivated until the task is fully completed. A lot of people get motivated at the start, but then that will and drive deflates over time if they don’t feel they’re making huge strides forward. That’s the tricky bit, staying motivated and being patient. Both can be a challenge at first, but with a little bit of practice, your whole life could turn around for the better. 


With motivation comes organization and the will to achieve a goal, upping the quality of our lives and making us feel all-around better. Winter can be a great time to do so, as you have a lot of time to prepare for your summer form or get rid of those pesky aches throughout your body. Even if it’s really cold outside, there are exercises that you can do inside that are too many to count. Of course, gyms are always available, regardless of the weather, but you can do many exercises from the comfort of your home without needing much equipment. Both options are valid, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start feeling better, both physically and mentally.


As mentioned, we have two options to choose from. We can either go to the gym, or we can work out at home. The winter shouldn’t affect the gym so it’s definitely a great option. You can do whichever workout you feel like you’re in a mood for there, everything is available and ready to be used. Even if you’re just starting out, it’s pretty easy to learn how to use the machines and the equipment to get the best out of the experience every time. However, if you just can’t seem to bring yourself to get out of your warm house into the cold, wet, darkness during winter to get to the gym, there are tons of exercise options at home to do. If you’re able to get ahold of some gym machines and equipment, that’s great and worthwhile. But, it’s most certainly not necessary. 


The amount of workouts you can do without needing any extra equipment is staggering. That means there’s no excuse not to get motivated and stay active during those gloomy, winter periods. It can be hard at first so try with something a bit easier. Try doing aerobic exercises 3 times a week and see how that feels. If you believe you can do more, by all means, do. If it’s too much at the start, which is absolutely normal, tone down the intensity to make it bearable but keep working. Give yourself a boost before a workout with our Red Juice and keep trying! The reason to keep working is, that hard start that you had and couldn’t do some of the exercises you tried, those will become easy over time. Another reason is that the initial improvements come in quickly!

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