Hygge: Boost your Happiness with this Danish secret

By Luna Meschiari

Hygge: Boost your Happiness with this Danish secret

Do you know what Hygge is? We explain it to you!

Well, first of all, how is it pronounced? Hygge is a Danish word that is pronounced "Hyoo-Guh". It's hard to explain as it has no direct translation, but it has a feeling to it. It's what's the world knows as the Danish happiness.

Hygge is a word of Danish and Norwegian origin that does not have a translation. But rather encompasses a set of concepts such as a cozy, intimate state of mind, with feelings of well-being and satisfaction. And of pleasant coexistence within your home. It refers to a safe, cozy and pleasant psychological state. Happiness in the little things.

This concept appeared as the days got shorter in these Scandinavian countries. When the low level of daylight does not let you enjoy of the outside social life. That is why the "Hygge" appeared, promoting the meeting with loved ones, promoting the feeling of closeness, sharing stories, typical food, offering comfort and warmth.

This concept has become trendy in recent months. Due to the current global pandemic that promotes "stay at home" and it can be difficult to stay 24 hours at home without following some routines.

If you are interested in this concept there is a book: "Hygge, the Danish way to live well". The author, Meik Wiking, explains that Hygge is a particular way of understanding life, concentrating on the simple things to achieve well-being.

Well, it is already clear that this word is a culture of well-being in our homes. And it improves the quality of life of each person. The Danes lead us on a different path. Enjoy the environment and the people around us. Appreciate the present. Environment. With serenity and harmony.

How do we start to practice Hygge?

The first thing is to create a homely and cozy atmosphere in our house, with plants, blankets, pleasant decoration. Order and cleanliness. Creating an atmosphere inspired by nature. And knowing how to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Savor your favorite dessert. Light up candles, wear comfortable clothes or just watch a movie with popcorn on the couch. That is, "happiness in the little things".

Hygge advises you to stay away from technology. And start enjoying everyday pleasures by rediscovering yourself. Learning to control stress and anxiety. This will increase your ability to concentrate. Improving interpersonal relationships. In this way, you will achieve happiness.

Would you like to start with the Hygge method? Get a paper and a pen, and take note!

Find time for yourself. Dedicate time daily to what makes you feel good, with the people you love and with yourself.

Create well-being and connection with yourself and with others.

Open your house. Celebrate a barbecue, dinner or whatever you want! Bring your dear ones closer to your home.

Create an enabling environment. With the right lighting and a cozy atmosphere. Fresh flowers, etc.

Avoid technology so that you do not break the state of relaxation.

Be comfortable. Look for comfortable and pleasant clothes. Surround yourself with fabrics that make you "feel good".

Celebrate every moment and place of every day, feeling part of it.

Look for new ideas every day. Enjoying a bubble bath. Dinners with good company. Have breakfast with a good book. A sunset. Get your feet wet in the sea.

Find your happiness from the inside.


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