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Tired of forgetting to order your juice every week? 

Let us remember. Save 15% on every order and get your favourite Organic cold pressed juices automatically delivered right to your door weekly, biweekly, or monthly with a BUDA subscription. 

Here’s how: 

1. Shop 

Visit our online store and add your favourite juices to your cart. Proceed to checkout as you normally would.

2. Schedule

During checkout, we'll ask you if you would like to make this order recurring (&save 15%). You will then be able to select your delivery frequency and what day you would like to receive your juice. 

3. Sip 

Your juice order will arrive on your doorstep on the date you specified and will continue to arrive often as you wanted it. Please refrigerate as soon as possible and enjoy! 

Start building your order now


"Once I subscribe am I locked in forever?"

No! You will receive an email before your order is set to deliver with a link to the manage subscriptions page on our website. On this page you are able to modify, pause or cancel a subscription at anytime. 

"What if I want to change what juices I get delivered?"

Don’t worry! You can logon to the manage subscription page and change your order at any time. 

"I’m going away for a week. Is there a way I can pause my orders?"

Yes! By logging on to the manage subscription page on our website you are able to pause your subscription for as long as you would like.

"Am I able to place a subscription order for pick up?"

Yes! We offer subscription orders for both home delivery as well as in-store pickup. Our in store pick up option is a great way to make sure you can just run in and grab your juice order if you are in a time crunch!

"What’s the benefit of having a subscription?"

Convenience and saving money! By purchasing a subscription you never need to worry about forgetting to order again, your juice will just show up at your doorstep hassle free. AND you save 15% on every order. 

"What about my loyalty points? Am I able to apply my loyalty points to subscription orders?"

Unfortunately, right now we are only able to apply one discount to each order. You will still be earning loyalty points for each subscription order. One way many of our customers have been using those points is by pausing their subscriptions for a week, placing a manual order and applying their loyalty points. Just don't forget to unpause your subscription for the following order! 

"How do I change my order?"

To change quantities of existing products: Login to your buda account, click “account”, on this page you can then hit the “manage subscription” button and change or remove quantities of existing items.

If you would like to add additional items: Login and shop our store as you usually would, you can then hit the “add to existing subscription” button on any product.