Abs exercises

By Buda Juice

Abs exercises

We’ve all wanted abs, at one point or another. Then you finally decide to start working on it, and it just might feel impossible at the start. However, it’s quite the opposite actually. There are tons of exercises to do on a daily basis which can be done by anyone, and the most important thing is, there’s no rush.


Strong abs don’t necessarily mean a six-pack in order to look good. There are numerous health benefits connected to them. They are an essential part of our cores. Our cores are the foundation on which many functions lay. They help with bad posture which results in lower back problems. They increase our mobility and strength which comes in handy in a variety of ways. Be it sports, random activities, or just walking, a strong core helps with it all. It even helps us improve our balance as well. Those are the physical benefits, but there are physiological ones as well that can be achieved through workouts. Abs exercises can help us achieve the amazing feeling of accomplishment by putting our minds to something seemingly inconceivable then working towards it until we’ve actually done it. There’s nothing like that feeling. On the days you just need that extra kick to get started, we have our Energy Shots for you to make it as easy as possible!

Beginner exercises

Beginner abs exercises include planks, reverse crunches, mountain climbers, hand slide crunches, grounded Russian twists, and more. Planking is an all-time classic exercise, all you have to do is hold a straight line from your shoulders to your feet while supporting yourself on your forearms and toes. It’s easier said than done though, this exercise can be tough at first, but it’s a great way to start, and you’ll feel improvement soon. The reverse crunches are better than normal crunches for abs. You have to lie down on your back while raising your legs in the air. Your thighs have to be vertical and your knees should be bent at a 90 degrees angle. Now comes the fun part, contract your abs to bring your knees to your chest whilst raising your hips off the floor, then slowly lowering your legs back after that.

Intermediate abs exercises

Intermediate abs exercises include leg raises, hand walking, bird-dogs, hanging knee raises, dumbbell woodchop, medicine ball crunch, and more. Leg raises are fairly self-explanatory. You lie on your back, legs on the ground, then slowly lift them up while keeping them straight. Once you get to your peak, bring them slowly down. Hand walk doesn’t mean you’ll have to literally walk on your hands. Start on all four, once you’re comfortable, begin to “walk” slowly with your hands forward without moving your hips or legs. Bird-dogs are another one with a funny name, but we assure you, they’re a great exercise to do. This exercise requires you to move opposite limbs in synchronicity. That means, while you’re on all four, extend your left arm and right leg, hold for a bit, and then do it the other way around and repeat.

Advanced abs exercises

Advanced abs exercises include the hollow body rock, hanging leg raise with splits, v-sit, rainbow slider, dual-weighted crunch, bicycle crunch, the Paloff press, and more. For the hollow body rock, you have to start on your back. Begin lifting your shoulders off the floor while also lifting your knees and feet to a 90-degree angle. Start rocking back and forth for about 20 seconds. Hanging leg raise with splits is another amazing one for abs. Start by hanging off a bar, keep your legs locked, and slowly raise your feet until they’re at hip height. This is where you have to pause for a couple of seconds, then do a split afterward and hold again. V-sit is another famous one and it actually engages both the upper and lower abs. Once again, you have to lie on your back with your arms extended behind your head. Start lifting your legs and arms at the same time until your hand touches your toes.

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