How Does Juicing Strengthen The Immune System

By Buda Juice

How Does Juicing Strengthen The Immune System

How does it work?

What we all know is the fact that obesity has become a big problem today and more and more people are turning to a healthier diet. All of this diet that we ingest on a daily basis nourishes our body, prepares us for defense against disease, and builds us up. When the flu season comes, are you among the first to cough and prepare wipes? You definitely have shivers or just generally feel bad.

Our immune system is one of those parts we can affect. The immune system either wins the cold or loses in that game, and you are at the forefront of that battle. By consuming foods that are not rich in fiber, that do not contain vitamins and minerals, you are doing yourself harm. And that damage that you will not repair in 3 working days or a couple of hours.

Think of the immune system as a house. If you give it worn-out, old bricks (read: poorly nutritious food), the house will collapse and will not protect you from any weather conditions. If you give it quality bricks (read: nutritiously rich food), your home will shine for many years to come.

What will definitely help you build immunity is juicing. The benefits of juicing are various and only positive. Check below.

What is juicing?

Juice is a mix of various fruits and vegetables. It’s mixed to such an extent that the peel and fruit are turned into liquid. People often want to lose weight by drinking juice, they want healthier metabolism and, of course, a more successful immune system. There are studies that prove just that, the benefits of juicing are great. That is, three days of juicing enhances the overall well-being score.

Mixing vegetables and fruits retain all the nutrients you would ingest and consume raw fruits and vegetables. It's just tastier this way.

Mixing vegetables is really an easy job, but what if you don’t have time, between kids, work? Do not give up due to lack of time, rather than buy prepared juices, prepared for just such situations. Celery, apple, spinach, cucumber, kale, .... These vegetables and fruits will help you in your journey of cleansing your body. Green Juice will provide you with just that.

Benefits of juicing

The benefits of juicing are diverse, and we will classify them into a couple of categories:

  1. Increase minerals and vitamins in the body

When was the last time you ate 2 celery, 1 apple, and a handful of spinach at once? Exactly. What happens when you drink squeezed juices, vitamins and minerals enter your body that you might not get on a daily basis. Minerals and vitamins help us learn, work -  in general, it helps with daily functioning.

For example, one 100% Celery Juice will fight kidney and gallstone disease, relax muscles, and also act as an aphrodisiac. Talk about a perfect breakfast.

  1. Weight loss

What do you think, are there more calories in a snack like chips or chocolate, or in one Green Juice filled with apples, celery, and other vegetables? Exactly. Another benefit of juicing is definitely easier weight loss. A nutrient-rich juice, which overall has fewer calories than a snack you would otherwise take, will reduce your daily calorie intake. Fewer calories = fewer pounds!

  1. Increase daily energy

What increases our energy every day is vitamin B. Vitamin B is usually found in foods such as leafy vegetables, fruits, spinach, and many others. Instead of preparing so much food every day, it is easier to drink Red Juice, which is rich in just such foods. And besides, it's delicious.

  1. Provides antioxidants

We know how important antioxidants are for optimal health. They protect our bodies by getting rid of all impurities and unwanted substances. By drinking, for example, Green Juice, you will protect the image of your health and you will have a lot of energy for the incoming winter!

  1. Protects against disease

Another, somehow logical, benefit of juicing, as we mentioned above, is certainly protection against disease. Regular consumption of quality juices will prepare your body to receive such nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your body will fight blood pressure, heart disease, and indigestion more successfully.

How does juicing work?

What is very important during juicing cleanse, only raw, unprocessed vegetables and fruits are consumed. It promises you that every meal will be vegan, but also gluten-free.

A typical juice cleanse has three stages:

Stage 1 - Preparation: If you remove all the things you eat every day at once, your body will not be satisfied. That is why it is important that you gradually throw out coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. every day. This will reduce headaches and similar symptoms that occur during cleanse. Rather drink green apple juice instead of coffee on those days.

Stage 2 - Cleanse: From 1 to 5 days you will drink only juices or smoothies. You will drink them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but also instead of all the daily snacks that you normally have. It is recommended to drink at least 32 ounces of juices or smoothies daily. If you are very hungry, it is recommended to consume carrots, celery, lighter salads, clear soup, or fruit.

Stage 3 - Post-cleanse: As you gradually excreted food in the beginning, you are now gradually ingesting it. It is important to start slowly with the consumption of other foods and habits because your body could otherwise react abruptly to the change.


What if...?

This kind of cleanse requires time and attention. Depending on you and your habits, cleanses can take several days. More days means a higher cleanse which brings you a better result! Preparing vegetables and fruits every day can become really frustrating. Especially if you have small children or a demanding job at the same time.

So what if we make your cleanse easier for you?

Buda Juice offers a package for 1 to 5 days of the juicing process, and immediately has a "menu" prepared for you, ie the order of juice consumption. You can choose between a one-day, three-day, and five-day cleanse package.

We all know that life's problems arise gradually. You no longer have the force to fight the boss, and you have no energy, don’t sleep at night, or generally, feel bad? Cleanse will clear your mind and give you at least a piece of the energy you are missing.

Maybe today is a good start for a good cleanse, the benefits of our Buda Juices are waiting for you!


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