Cold-pressed Juice: What are the Benefits?

By Luna Meschiari

Cold-pressed Juice: What are the Benefits?


You may have heard this term before, but do you actually know what the cold-pressing process is when it comes to juices?

Let us explain it to you! 


What does cold-pressed mean?

Unlike conventional blenders that cut and centrifuge the pulp, cold-pressed juices are cut and compressed using an hydraulic press. Extracting every last drop. This technique can be used with every type of fruit and vegetable.

But apart from this, one of the key factors is that no heat nor UV irradiation is applied on the fruits and vegetables. Thus maintaining their vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes in all their glory.


In addition, the juices present greater pigmentation, better aroma and increase the amount of antioxidants.


What are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices?

These types of juices present a new way of intaking fruits and vegetables in a fast, refreshing and healthy way. When the hot season comes, the office rush, you don't have time to cook, or you just want a healthy snack, this option is more than interesting.

It is also highly recommended for people who find it hard to consume the five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

In a single glass you will have great benefits for your body, when you need an extra you will find it with cold-pressed juices. When you feel tired, low on vitamins, before the arrival of winter, for chronic diseases, for an extra antioxidant for your body and skin. These juices will always be your allies.


Cold pressed juices are an explosion of flavor and vitamins. With these juices you will find a much healthier and more colorful way to eat. And revitalize yourself when you need it most, since with these cold-pressed juices you will have a large amount of vitamins in just one glass!

The result is an irresistible "refreshment" that you will want to repeat! The perfect choice for hot days or to boost your immune system.


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