Juice Detox - The Best Way to Get Rid of All the Toxins in Your Body

By Luna Meschiari

Juice Detox - The Best Way to Get Rid of All the Toxins in Your Body

We know that the holidays are over. Xmas eating and drinking are behind us. But doesn’t it seems like there’s always some event just around the corner that makes you eat food that you know is bad for you? Our juice detox is just the right thing for you to kickstart your diet. 

This article will show you the benefits of detoxication. And hopefully gets you on the right path to your goal. 

What is Juice Detox?

One of the best world trends in how to get rid of the toxins in your body.

By consuming juice detox products, you consume the vegetables and fruits needed to cleanse your body. By doing so, you introduce your body to a juice fast.

From the dawn of time, humans are making juices from natural ingredients. To help boost their immune system, to get rid of sickness, etc. The main benefit of a juice fast is of course body detox. 

Veggies and fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals. And because they are natural resources, they are easier to digest.  

buda juice detox

One of the products we are most proud of is our Buda Cleanse packs. Depending on the time of day, your body processes food differently. That’s why we have a perfect solution for you.

In the juice detox pack, we mixed all the needed ingredients in a bottle. Always delicious, fresh, and organic. Reduces the time of making the food. To help you achieve your body detox in no time and with all the nutrients. 


Buda Cleanse

Breakfast - No.1 Green Juice

Our 100% celery juice contains fresh and not processed celery. To most people, celery is not on the menu. And we understand why. Hardly anyone loves the taste of celery. But we managed to change that. Not only has a great taste but also gives you all the benefits of fresh celery. 

  • Powerful liver detox
  • Clears and Brightens your Skin
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Reduces Bloating and Inflammation

Mid-morning snack -  No.4 - Blue Lemonade

Our Blue Lemonade contains chill cucumber, ambrosial apple, and liquid lemon.

Its key benefits are: 

  • Post-workout electrolytes
  • Alkalizing energy elixir 
  • Hangover cure

Electrolytes are minerals found in blood cells. Essential for physical activity because they regulate body fluids. Electrolytes along with alkalizing elixir regulate Ph balance and energy.

Lunch - No.2 - Red Juice

It contains beets, celery, apple ginger, and parsley.

Key benefits are 

  • Stamina booster 
  • Stress reliever 
  • Blood Purifier

Along with these key benefits, beets are a natural aphrodisiac. We never met a person that doesn’t want to feel sexy and relaxed.  Beets can also lower your stress level while giving you the extra boost you need.

After dinner snack - No. 5 Pure Green Juice

It contains cucumber, fennel, spinach, kale, lime, and mint.

Filled with antioxidants C and beta-carotene (as vitamin A), the best benefit of this juice is that it supports your immune system. Mint helps with your digestion and improves your brain functions. Fennel, on the other hand, benefits your heart health. Fennel is an awesome antioxidant and has antibacterial effects.

Key benefits are

  •  Brain booster
  • Radical remover
  • Liver aid

To complete your juice detox process, we highly recommend having No.4 Blue Lemonade as a mid-afternoon snack. And for your dinner No.1 Green Juice.

How to start your detox process.

We understand that the detoxication process can be a shock to your body. The best way to prepare yourself is by cutting down on coffee, processed food, and sugar. That way you will reduce your detox symptoms and clear your mind.

There is no rule on how many days you can go with cleansing. As we said before, everyone is different. You have to listen to your body. Our advice is to start with three-to-five body detox. 

If you start having headaches, feel dizziness, or fatigue, don`t worry. These are common signs that detox is working. Your body is just adjusting to healthy foods. Herbal teas can help reduces any symptoms. 

We hope this helps you on your path to a healthier day-to-day life.  With our tasty and sexy juice detox pack, we have no doubt that it will.


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