Struggle to Drink your Daily Water? 3 Tips to Hydrate your Body!

By Luna Meschiari

Struggle to Drink your Daily Water? 3 Tips to Hydrate your Body!


Do you ever wonder whether the amount of water you drink daily is actually enough?
Are you really hydrated?
Does your skin need extra hydration?
And most importantly, are you intaking enough water to prevent health problems?
Is tap water okay or should you be drinking bottled water?
When is the best time to drink water?

Well, let's dive into this ocean of questions!

Why is Water so Good for our Body?

H2O (water) is the main component of the human body and it is basic for our well-being. Neglecting the amount of water we drink daily can be harmful to ourselves. From cognitive abilities to physical performance.

But how do we know the minimum daily liters we need?

Our body eliminates approximately 1.5L daily through urine, another 0.5L through sweat, and an additional 0.5L through breathing. Although, it is necessary to take into account if it's winter or summer, physical exercise, each person's levels of sweating, etc. Therefore we must recover an average of 2.5L of water through food and water intake.

All this explanation is approximate, if you think you are dehydrated or your water intake is not adequate, there are apps that remind you when to drink but we always recommend going to a nutritionist who will advise you personally.

It also varies depending on the diet. A person who usually eats meats and ultra-processed foods should not ingest the same amount of water daily as a person who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. These contain a large amount of water necessary for our body, including vitamins and minerals that are also necessary.

So we now know that water is also found in food. In addition, excess salt is another factor that increases the need for liquid.

Do you Want to Drink more Water but Don't Know How?

We suggest that you increase the intake of vegetables in your daily diet. Since they contain around 80-90% water. Therefore, it is perfect for staying hydrated. It includes above all, cucumber, carrot or lettuce.

Fruit is also basic. Watermelon and cantaloupe are almost 92% water. Apples and pears are rich in water too.

A good way to get your daily intake of water is with cold pressed all-natural juices, made of vegetables and fruits. Just like we do at Buda Juice Canada. Get your daily water intake plus all the nutritious vitamins and minerals that you need to feel energized!

Cereals and legumes do not contain a large quantity but when cooked they can reach up to 70% water, as they absorb it through the cooking process. You will also know the importance they have in a blog about The Mediterranean Diet that we have written.

But How do you Know if you NEED to Drink Water?

The first symptom to appear is thirst. A means used by the body to prevent dehydration, but there are more symptoms.

  • Fatigue: Dehydration slows down enzymatic activity and therefore energy production.
  • Constipation: If you are not hydrated, your stools will be dry, hard and it will be difficult to eliminate them. It will also lead to digestive disorders.
  • Skin: it will also suffer problems, giving way to premature aging. Eczema can also appear.
  • Hypertension / Hypotension: If you suffer from either of the two, you will need to drink water. It's very important.
  • Urinary infections: If you do not pass urine frequently, this can lead to health problems. When these infections appear, the doctor always recommends drinking a little extra water.

Therefore, do not forget that hydration is very important. Optimal hydration is all you need for your body to function properly. Water will help your body regulate itself and the proper functioning of cells.

We recommend you drink about 2.5L of water, in glasses throughout the day. And remember, you can substitute pure water with natural cold-pressed juices or even reuse your Buda Juice empty glass bottle, filling it with fruit pieces and water for a refreshing drink!

Try to drink before you feel thirsty so you don't become dehydrated. You will notice changes in your body and in your skin. And remember that you will find water in a large amount of liquids such as teas, juices, as well as in fruits and vegetables.

We hope we have helped you and have encouraged you to drink more water in your day to day. And now for that glass of water!


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