Learn From the Juice Buda

  • What should I do before the cleanse?

    We suggest cutting out coffee, sugars, and processed foods a couple of days before you start the cleanse so that it is not a total shock to the system. This will minimize your detox symptoms. We also suggest de-stressing so...

  • What if I get hungry during the cleanse?

    The Buda Cleanse is designed to supply your caloric needs for the day, but because everyone’s metabolism is different you might need a few extra calories. If so, feel free to eat a few nuts , slices of fruit, an...

  • What are possible detox symptoms?

    Unpleasant side effects are often a sign the cleanse is working and getting rid of built up toxins while re-adjusting your body to healthy, vibrant foods. You might experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, skin blemishes, constipation, as well as other digestive...

  • What is most important to remember?

    Get lots of rest and drink lots of water.

  • How often should I cleanse?

    After you have done your initial cleanse and reset your system, we suggest cleansing once per month to maintain (in addition to regular juicing.)