Benefits of Iron and where to get it

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Benefits of Iron and where to get it

Iron is one of the most important minerals our bodies need. Our bodies need it for growth and development. Its main purpose is to carry oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells throughout the body so the cells can create energy while removing carbon dioxide.


Iron can be used to treat anemia. Anemia occurs when hemoglobin levels are low, which iron increases. Iron also reduces fatigue, making us feel more refreshed and ready to handle tasks at hand. If you’re feeling tired all the time, try our Green Juice that is packed with iron. It also improves muscle endurance as it provides the necessary oxygen for muscle contraction. Iron can also improve our immune system which in turn helps fight diseases and infections. If you feel your cognitive levels are low, it might be due to a lack of iron, as iron also helps boost our focus. It reduces bruising by affecting the production of platelets while controlling blood clotting. The recommended daily intake for adults is between 7mg and 28mg. Recommended daily intake can vary depending on gender, age, and overall medical history.

Sources of iron

Poultry, meats, and seafood are great sources of iron. Fortified grains, seeds, nuts, and veggies are also excellent choices. We can differentiate two types of iron intake. Those would be heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron is found in meats, poultry, and seafood, while non-heme iron can be found in plant-based food. Some animals can contain non-heme iron as a result of eating plant-based food. Sources of non-heme iron include oysters, clams, beef or chicken liver, organ meats, poultry, tuna, sardines, and more. Sources of heme iron can be found in fortified breakfast cereal, beans, spinach, potatoes with skin, nuts, seeds, and even enriched rice or bread. If you’re not in a mood for anything mentioned and would prefer something sweet, don’t worry, there’s an excellent choice waiting to be picked. Dark chocolate is chock full of iron and is incredibly tasty, making for a great experience.

Supplements can also be used if needed. Before taking any supplements, it is advisable to speak to your doctor first to make sure your body can handle them. They can be extremely helpful in combating anemia. That is because they can produce results quicker than dietary measures. Proper dosages should be taken at all times because otherwise, you risk digestive issues. Not only that, but these supplements, if not taken adequately, may cause cell damage, and in severe cases, organ failures. That is why it’s better to get checked by your doctor so he can prescribe a correct, healthy amount of iron.


Iron deficiency actually occurs in 4 stages. Signs of iron deficiency include fatigue, weakness, sensitivity to cold, confusion, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, hair loss, brittle nails, pale skin, and more. There are certain groups that are at more risk than the rest of us. Those groups include pregnant women, women during menstruating periods, children, senior citizens, vegetarians, endurance athletes, and people with kidney problems. You can also boost your iron absorption by eating a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C, found in fruits and veggies, helps our bodies absorb iron faster. Iron deficiency can also lead to strange cravings, like wanting to eat clay, dirt, chalk, paper, or something similar. This can also occur during pregnancy. The deficiency is also linked to depression. Because of all these reasons, it is best to try and take steps to avoid having less iron than needed.

If you’re not feeling your best, that might be due to lack of iron, have a go with our Buda Juices to get that sorted straight away so you can continue being awesome and healthy!


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