Cardio exercises that are fun: Dancing!

By Buda Juice

Cardio exercises that are fun: Dancing!

Dancing is one of those things we all do. We all dance when we are sad, when we need a little motivation and happiness. Serotonin is the first to come when we dance, mix with adrenaline and suddenly we are hyperactive. Dancing works wonders, in addition to bringing us to some point of happiness, it helps us stay in shape. Who wouldn’t love to be in top shape with dancing?

Below we will leave you a playlist for those who like to dance from early morning! In addition, we will make a list of few dance ideas that will surely remain in your memory. And you can try them right away, what are you waiting for? Let's dance!

Effects of dance on the body

First of all, we would love to see exactly what are the effects that dance leaves. Scientists have proven that dancing gives the body endorphins as if you ate two chocolates. Pretty good, huh? Also, dancing will cheer you up so much that it will boost your metabolism!

As you dance, the load on the circulatory and lymphatic systems decreases. Plus, you're burning calories, which is obvious. People who dance often live longer, as opposed to those who don’t like to dance. In addition to a longer life, you will have more fitness, you will also form muscles, in the long run. And the bonus is definitely the fact that you will be the Queen/King of the dance floor!

Of course, to lose weight in larger quantities, it is not enough just to dance, but to adhere to other regimes, but let's let it go now. We’d rather throw ourselves into dance steps that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Which dance to choose for the highest score?

  • Zumba - this dance requires a lot of concentration. The movements you will learn while dancing zumba remain for a lifetime, and the rhythm of the dance can be harmonized with everyday pop music. Just relax and follow the rhythm!
  • Belly Dance - when you dance this dance, you move every bone and every muscle in your body! It looks sexy and attractive, and you can also combine it with the songs that suit you best!
  • Freestyle - this is probably the best choice! There are no steps you have to learn, no instructor to shout if you make a mistake. Just play the music and move your body to the beat of the music!
  • Salsa - a sensual dance for two. Grab your partner, put on your dance shoes and go. One hour of salsa promises you -400 calories, wonderful, right?
  • Pole dancing - very popular today! You can buy the bar in specialty stores, and learn the dance steps on youtube! Just one thing, be careful not to fall and injure yourself during acrobatics.
  • Jazzercise - the name says it all, jazz and exercise. It sounds practical and simple and is essentially a calorie killer. You will lose about 600 calories per hour, which is definitely a lot. You will sweat a lot so prepare a cotton towel.

Are you tired of thinking about all the pounds you will lose? We too! Let's take a short break - No.01 Green Juice. A mix of cucumber, celery, apple, spinach, lemon, and the like will recharge your batteries for round no. 2!

The best dance playlist

We all love having playlists ready for a great workout. Since this is a fun workout, we also need fun music.

These songs will awaken even the laziest:

  • “Y.M.C.A.”, The Village People.
  • "I Feel Love 12", Version Donna Summer
  • Dancing Queen, ABBA.
  • "I'm So Excited", The Pointer Sisters.
  • We Are Family, Sister Sledge.
  • “I Will Survive,” Gloria Gaynor.
  • "Night Fever", From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack, Bee Gees
  • Le Freak, CHIC
  • “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga
  • Beat it, Michael Jackson
  • Kiss, Prince

This is just the beginning of our fun playlist for fun cardio exercises. You can always explore music that is directly related to some of the dances listed above. Eg. it can be classical music for Zumba, salsa, belly dance, etc. But you don't have to. The point of this exercise is to have as much fun and relaxation as possible. And the neighbors will adore you, I think we all know these songs, both young and old.

At each break, quickly run for the B12 Energy Shot to have the energy to win new dance steps!


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