Immunity in a glass: Orange juice bioactives may bolster immunity and reduce inflammation

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Immunity in a glass: Orange juice bioactives may bolster immunity and reduce inflammation

A single glass of orange juice contains a lot of micronutrients and other bioactives. That alone is enough to help combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Oxidative stress is caused by the imbalance between the production of free radicals and antioxidant defenses. It can cause damage to our tissues which leads to a possibility of multiple diseases over time.

Dr. Phil Calder:

Dr. Philip Calder and the team state that the vitamin C in citrus fruits juices impact immune health and inflammation positively. They also improve defenses against viruses and bacteria. Dr. Calder is a Professor of Nutritional Immunology at Southampton University states: 


“A weak immune system increases susceptibility to infections and allows these to become more severe. One component of the immune response is inflammation. Where inflammation is excessive or uncontrolled it can damage body tissues, sometimes irreparably, and affect our ability to fight infections. Having a diet rich in antioxidant foods and drinks is one way to control inflammation and ensure the body can mount an effective immune response. Trials in humans confirm that orange juice consumption reduces inflammation”


Studies have been conducted for the past 20 years by Dr. Calder, the European Fruit Juice Association, and Dr. Elizabeth Miles, Lecturer in Nutritional Immunology. The main focus of the studies has been vitamin C and folate that citrus juices contain. They also study their role in maintaining immunological barriers and supporting the immune function of various cells. Dr. Calder states:

“Citrus fruit juices are particularly good sources of vitamin C and folate, which have roles in strengthening the gut and skin barriers which are our first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. In addition, these nutrients, which are absorbed well from fruit juices, support the function of many types of immune cells including phagocytes, natural killer cells, T-cells and B-cells.”

They have also researched and discussed the different types of polyphenols in citrus fruit juices that include narirutin, naringin, and hesperidin alongside their anti-inflammatory effects. A glass of Zen Orange juice sounds lovely right about now, doesn’t it?

Coronavirus and juices

In the paper we’re mentioning, there is also a section with a focus on does orange juice polyphenols exert any anti-viral effects. Because of the current pandemic, the team states evidence from “in silico” modelling studies that suggest hesperidin could interfere with SARS-CoV-2 entry into host cells. Hesperidin has the ability to destabilize the interaction between the virus’ spike protein and ACE2 receptor on host cells. “In Vitro” studies that hesperetin, hesperidin, and naringenin can restrict viral replication acting through inhibition of key enzymes involved in this process. 

Dr. Carrie Ruxton, who is a Nutrition and Communications Consultant said: “The evidence about the positive role that fruit juices play in diet continues to build. We know from several large studies that a daily glass of pure fruit juice provides vitamin C, folate, and potassium, which can help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of a stroke. Now it’s clear that citrus juices can also contribute to immune health which is crucial as we all get back to our normal lives”.

Other benefits of orange juices

Orange juice is made by squeezing the orange and straining the juice. Some prefer avoiding straining the juice as the juice can also be had with pulps. We already know that orange juice can boost our immune systems and detoxify our bodies, but there is more to this magical drink. It may lower the risk of kidney stones as long as there are no added sugars. Orange juice can also help prevent anemia and also balance cholesterol levels.

Orange juice, or even citrus juices in general, are an amazing, healthy drink and we have just the ones for you. Check out our Buda Juices and enjoy the taste of happiness.



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