NEW | Green Apple Juice: A new family favorite!

By Buda Juice

NEW | Green Apple Juice: A new family favorite!

Packed with only the sweetest apples, our brand new Green Apple Juice is sure to be a new juice the whole family loves.

Apart from being just as tasty as you can imagine, there's so much more to it! Would you like to find out why Green Apple are great for your body? Keep reading and find out how to get a FREE Green Apple Juice on your next order!

Green Apple Juice: What are the benefits?

Green Apples are the perfect healthy snack for kids and adults alike. However, it's not only about how sweet or sour they could be. There's a reason behind their perfection.

Apples contain a fiber called pectine. And pectine acts as a probiotic, not only helping you with your digestive processes for being a fiber compound, but also with repopulating your fantastic gut bacteria. Which is key to a proper digestive and mental health.

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins! Yes, Green Apples have tons of vitamins, but we want to talk about 3 specific ones that are good for you.

Green Apples

Vitamin K

Good for maintaining blood circulation health and blood clotting. But it's not only good for blood health. Vitamin K is also great for bone health.

Vitamin A

Good for keeping your eyes and vision healthy. It's fat-soluble and it's. great allied for your immune system as well. Apart from our eyes, also our heart, kidneys and lungs will love that extra Vitamin A intake.

Vitamin C

Did you know that Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid? Well, now that you know it, you'll surely see in many ingredients lists!

But what can Vitamin C do for you? It protects your cells from free radicals and keeps you energized.

Green Apple juice also provides minerals aside from the above vitamins. Plus, it will help you hydrate and stay energetic throughout the day!


How to get a FREE Green Apple Juice!

Now, if you want to try our new Green Apple juice, you can simply purchase it here. But if you want to grab a deal, we have one for you!

Green Apple Juice

Purchase a Valencia Orange Juice (1,6L) and you'll receive a FREE Green Apple Juice (1,6L). But hurry up! Only available until June 15th and only one-time per customer!


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