Simple Recycling Ideas for Home

By Buda Juice

Simple Recycling Ideas for Home

Global waste is a huge problem and we are long past a point in time where we have to act on it. We all need to be a hero in this story and start making changes that will save our planet. Although many people and companies have started making changes, there are many simple recycling ideas for home and we can all implement them.

In Canada, people throw over three million tonnes of plastic waste per year. Only 9 percent of those three million tonnes is being recycled. And this is just a plastic waste problem. There is still a problem with glass, paper, metal, and other materials.

Let us all start making changes with these simple recycling ideas for home. 

3 Simple Recycling ideas for home

Tip 1: Reusable fabric bags

Simple recycling ideas for home

This may seem logical, but many people still use plastic bags from the shop. Get yourself the next set of bags to ensure you reduce plastic use to a minimum:

  • Cotton mesh bags to purchase vegetables and fruits
  • Cotton or hemp tote bags for grocery shopping
  • Reusable and recycled Paper bags for smaller items

It is very easy to forget them at home, having to resort to plastic bags from the shop. In order to solve this problem, make sure to always have at least one reusable bag in your car.

If you do get plastic bags tho... reuse them! Most plastic bags are very sturdy and can be used more than once. Some simple recycling ideas for home to reuse plastic bags is to use them to waterproof vases, or as storage bags inside your wardrobes. 

Tip 2: Clean the containers and reuse them!

If you’re going to recycle containers, make sure to wash them!

Most containers will have organic rests on them and this will make it harder for the recycling companies to sort them. Start at home! Washing and separating are simple recycling ideas for home and they make things easier for everyone involved in this process.

By doing this, you will also be more conscious of the waste you produce. 

It will also help you sort containers not only for recycling, but also to reuse those that are the right size and shape!

Tip 3: Flatten cardboards and recycle paper in the house

Simple recycling ideas for home

Paper is one of our best friends when it comes to simple recycling ideas for home. Because it can be reused and recycled as many times as needed. However, we usually forget about it.

Make sure to go around the house and collect old magazines, newspapers, notebooks, etc. that you don’t use anymore. Those are the first ones to recycle. But cardboard boxes are another good point to start too. Flatten them out to make space in case you want to reuse them in the future (for moving, for example!). Or flatten them to send them to the recycling company, as it will make it easier for them to process it.


Recycling and Reusing

Now, the above might seem like they’re logical, but most people don’t consider them. These simple recycling ideas for home will help you get started on recycling and reusing. Thus being more conscious about your waste, and will get you started on more advanced techniques.

How does Budajuice contribute to recycling, reusing and preventing new waste? We use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Our glass bottles can be returned to be washed, sanitized and reused. You can learn more about it here and get your favorite Budajuice here!

Do you have any more simple ideas for recycling? Then don’t forget to leave a comment below! We’d love to hear what you do at home to be more environmentally friendly!


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