By Nicole Addison

Good things are made in Ontario


While we have always been Ontario made we are now proudly Certified as Ontario Made by the Provincial Government. 

What does ‘Ontario Made’ mean?

‘Ontario Made’ is a new certification created by the provincial government to help consumers identify our fantastic and fresh locally made products.

We all are looking for more local content in our daily lives for both our health and to support our communities, it is important to be able to recognize locally made.

Qualifying manufactured goods for this certification are those that have undergone their last substantial transformation in the province of Ontario.

Did you know that Ontario is home to some 40,000 manufacturers, employing 750,000 Ontarians, who make millions of different products for sale at home and around the world?

How is Buda Ontario made?

  •  As often as possible, throughout Ontario’s growing season we purchase our produce from local farms to provide fresher produce and support our local farmers. 
  • All of our juices and shots are produced right here in Ontario and delivered right to you! With a product as fresh as ours, we like to keep ‘LOCAL’ to help ensure our ‘FRESH’ juices maintain the maximum nutrients and freshness. All of our juices and shots are produced in our Mississauga kitchen and delivered straight to Longos, Whole Foods, and Fortino’s locations throughout the GTA. 

Why is it important?

It’s important now, more than ever to support local businesses and support our economy. Not only are food products typically fresher, local products are also more sustainable as they require less distance traveled to get to you. By purchasing local goods you are supporting both the company and their workers. This helps grow the economy, which feeds money back into the services we as a province rely on, including schools, roads, and health care.

How do I know what other products are Ontario made? 

  • This logo will be on variety of products ranging from food & beverage to  clothing to IT and software
  • In the coming weeks- start looking for the new Ontario Made logo that manufacturers will be adding to their products to help consumers identify their made-in-Ontario products.

What can you do to support Ontario Made products?

  • Look for the Ontario Made logo when you buy
  • Share the importance of supporting local and share local products you purchase through your social media
  • Check this website regularly for new listings before you buy:
  • Ask retailers you frequent to show the logo and promote Ontario Made
  • If you know of Ontario manufacturers encourage them to use the logo




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