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Buda Blog

How Long Do Our Juices Last?

Since all the fruits and veggies we use is RAW, UNPROCESSED and CERTIFIED ORGANIC our shelf-life is short...only 6 days long to be exact! To ensure your juice stays at the peak of its bioavailable nutrient perfection be sure to always keep it refrigerated and note the expiry date on the bottle cap. Cheers to your health!

What Should I Do With My Empty Bottles?

Please Rinse, Recap and Return your 8oz & 16oz Buda bottles to the customer service desk at Longo’s or Whole Foods Market locations that carry Buda Juice to reclaim your $0.50 deposit per bottle! Please note that our 2oz shot bottles do not have a deposit on them. We ask that you recycle them at home or wherever most convenient. 

What's Unique About The Buda Cleanse?

The Buda Cleanse is certified organic, which is really the only option when you consider how many raw veggies and fruits you are about to consume. How could you possibly cleanse if all those fruits and veggies were full of pesticides? Buda Juice® is also committed to glass and the environment. Again, would it be a true cleanse if chemicals from plastic were seeping into your pure veggies and fruits? Our produce is kept refrigerated from farm to bottle, ensuring nutrients and enzymes stay intact. We cold-press at <3° and refuse to pasteurize in any way, so our juice is fresh, alive and kicking.

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